Easter Fun for Kids

By Emma Thomas 


Holidays, family time and chocolate! Easter is such fun for kids (and adults). What Easter activities do you remember from your childhood? What do your children enjoy doing? I remember time spent with friends and family, sneaking in the last swims of the season (before it got too cold!), going to church and lots of chocolate! Easter is a great opportunity to prioritise family time and reconnect after a busy start to the year. Here are a few fun and simple ideas that you could try with your family this Easter.


Egg and Spoon Race

Everyone loves an egg and spoon race. Depending on your level of commitment you can use plastic eggs, hard boiled eggs or raw eggs for a real challenge! Otherwise let your children get creative and experiment with what else they can balance on a spoon! A ping pong ball, a square block, a piece of duplo? What’s easy and what’s hard?


If you are feeling particularly ambitious why not try an egg and spoon obstacle course? Work with your child to create an obstacle course and then see who can go round it the fastest, whilst balancing their egg! This is sure to end in laughter (or tears!). 


Easter Hat Fashion Show

Have a family Easter Hat Fashion Show! You can make hats, or simply take turns modelling ones that you own. Put on some music, set out the chairs and strut your stuff. 


To make a simple hat you can fold an A3 piece of paper into an origami hat and then decorate. Use pens and pencils, collage material or head outside to collect leaves and flowers to decorate with! 



Community Events

Find out what is happening in your community. Many churches will hold family events on Easter Sunday or there might be community activities happening at your local park. It can also be a good time to check out local markets. 



Chocolate nests are always a favourite. Simply melt chocolate with a little butter and then stir through fried noodles and coconut. Shape into nests and set in the fridge. Then comes the fun – fill your nest with Easter eggs! This is a great recipe to get children excited about cooking and licking the bowl will be delicious. 


Easter Adventures

Easter is a popular time for camping and holidays. If you’re not going away consider a day trip! Pack a picnic and check out a local walking trail, creek or national park. As the weather is cooling down it is a nice time for walking, but still fun to splash in any water you find. 


Easter TV

After all the excitement of the Easter weekend everyone will be ready for some down time. The ABC has Easter playlists including classics like; Bluey, Peppa Pig and Charlie and Lola.