About Kenmore Hills

Welcome to Kenmore Hills Early Learning!  

We look forward to sharing many learning and growing experiences with you and your child during your time at Kenmore Hills Early Learning. Kenmore Hills Early Learning is a place where your child can learn, play and discover the wonder of ‘wildhood’. 

The early years are the most critical stage of a child’s development and as Early Childhood Educators we have a responsibility to do all we can to optimise a child’s experience during their time with us.

Children are capable of extraordinary things. Our Centre and our programs, combined with the wealth of experience of our staff, encourages hands-on learning, independence, resilience, self-discovery and collaboration and nurtures children’s natural desire for understanding, knowledge and respect. We aim to inspire children towards a life-long love of learning so they can continue to live extraordinary lives.

Parent and family connections

Parents are children’s first educators. We pride ourselves on our centre being an extension of the home environment. In order to maximise the benefits of our program, we work with families to share the learning journey with children. We also provide a comprehensive parent resource library, DVDs and leaflets on topics related to young children, and the services of support organisations and agencies within the community. If you’re looking for advice or guidance on a particular topic please speak with one of our knowledgeable educators.


What makes Kenmore Hills Early Learning so special?


✔️ We accept each child for who they are, embracing their uniqueness and supporting their individual learning and developmental journeys.

✔️ We emphasise environmental sustainability and recognize the importance of educating young children to participate in sustainable practices for their futures.

✔️ We have created a homely environment that is welcoming, well-maintained, well-resourced. All environments are designed with the child in mind so they are fun, adventurous and support the learning and development needs of the children.

✔️ We provide a safe, happy, healthy and stimulating environment so that children can extend their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills to the best of their ability.

✔️ Our Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten program is second-to-none. We know how beneficial it is for children to attend a great kindergarten program. Our University Qualified Teachers implement a well-round kindergarten program to prepare and support each child with their transition to school.

✔️ Our families are our clients which is why we strive to provide a trusting, thoughtful and meaningful service. Wherever possible we’ll make it easier for parents to balance family and work commitments and life’s complexities.

✔️ Parents are always welcome! Birthday? Special event? Excursion? You’ll be invited to join us as we celebrate the special moments in your child’s early learning journey so you never miss a thing.

✔️ Playing a part in the community fosters positive relationships between our educators and local businesses, and enables our Centre’s families to become active participants. That’s why you’ll often see us on adventures exploring and getting to know our local community.