Our Environments & Inclusions

Have you seen our incredible centre? If not, then check out the video for a taste of our unique outdoor playspace. Even better, come and see it for yourself. Book a tour at a time that suits you in just a few steps. We have truly built something special here – check it out, you’ll love it!

Remember when you were young and spent your days outdoors, where you had the freedom to wander and explore? Wildhood is not just words that we put on paper to describe our centre, wildhood is what we practice each and every day. Our state of the art playscape is custom designed to connect children with real play combined with education.

✔️ We have created a homely environment that is welcoming, well-maintained, well-resourced. All environments are designed with the child in mind so they are fun, adventurous and support the learning and development needs of the children.

✔️ We provide a safe, happy, healthy and stimulating environment so that children can extend their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills to the best of their ability.

✔️ Meet our animals. We have a range of interesting animals in our centre including snakes, turtles, chickens and more. They offer a unique learning opportunity for the children who take pride in caring for the animals each day.

✔️To make your mornings easier nappies, wipes, sunscreen, and bed sheets for naptime are included in our fees

Excursions & incursions

✔️ Weekly incursions including Happy Feet and Billie’s Buddies

✔️ Wildhood Warrior Program where the children learn to care for and respect our onsite animals including reptiles, birds and chickens

✔️ Bush Kindy Nature Walks where the children explore and create with nature

✔️ Holiday discount  (T&Cs apply)

Happy Feet Thursday

(Senior Kindy & Kindy)

Happy Feet Fitness classes are full of engaging ideas for play-based learning, we enjoy fitness and dancing in their super fun themed adventure classes.

Billie’s Buddies Friday


A ball sports program that emphasises having fun and encourage children to develop their social skills all whilst at the same time, teaching them the fundamentals of not only Rugby League, but ball sports in general.

Bush Walks


The children get to walk in the fresh air and explore the local community.

Our Centre Community walks are flexible  and may change to a different day depending on the weather and children’s needs.

Let us make your mornings easier

We know how busy mornings can be. That’s why we are helping to make this easier for families by providing all of this for each child:

✔️ Junior master chef program – providing not only nutritional food for all age groups but will also taste great! Find out more here

✔️ Hat

✔️ Sheets for rest time for the Nursery room

✔️ Sunscreen

✔️ Nappies

✔️ T-Shirts

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