Wildhood Warrior Program

This is where the children can learn all about the Australian Wildlife through learning how to care for our resident reptiles, chickens, and birds.  Each day the children put their knowledge learnt from our Wildhood Program into action through caring for the animals.  Once qualified, the Kindergarten children use their knowledge to mentor the younger children with a community approach to engagement and learning through play.

Our Philosophy “Bringing Back the Wildhood’

Bringing back the wildhood is all about connecting children to nature where shoes are optional and enjoying nature through paly is our focus.  We here at Kenmore Hills Early Learning (KHEL) place a real emphasis on play where children gain the opportunity to show just how capable they are to achieve extraordinary things.  We create learning environments that allow children to enhance their life skills as they learn through play and discover their own path to independence guided by our nurturing team of educators.  Bringing nature play into our program is what inspires allowing children learn from, explore with and respect good old mother nature.

There is no one recipe for happiness and not one size that fits all therefore we feel that our Wildhood approach caters to the many interests of all children and families in our care here at KHEL as we merge nurture with nature for modern ways of life,  So, if you’re ready for your children to have a nature play approach to their learning them come and check us out at Kenmore Hills Early Learning.