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Kenmore Hills Early Learning provides a quality education and care program for children based on best practice. We promote each child’s social, emotional, physical, language and intellectual development. We encourage exploration, experimentation and investigation and facilitate this through individual, small or large group experiences.

At Kenmore Hills Early Learning our programs ensure that play is central to early learning and development. After all, what is childhood if not FUN! Through play young children explore and learn to understand the world around them as they communicate, discover, imagine and create. When children play, they test out their ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings.

Each child will learn at their own pace. Educators guide play by carefully designing environments and interacting with the children. EYLF identifies three important elements in children’s early years, Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Nursery & Junior Nursery – nurture, comfort and support

Our team in the nursery understand it is essential for providing a comfortable and appropriate space for young children, planning our environments that embrace and support our young children as learners. Young babies are learning at a rapid rate. We love and nurture each baby offering the comforts of home and safe spaces to explore, and understand the big world around them.

Our Educators know it is vital for children to feel safe, and supported to become confident little learners, and that they develop a sense of belonging as they become familiar with routines and provided opportunities. This is why our team encourage regular communication with parents to gain an understanding each child’s individual needs.

Our nursery room offers a nurturing and calming environment for the children to explore.

Nursery room kenmore hills early learning
Nursery room kenmore hills early learning

Toddler – inspire, challenge and adventure

The educators of our toddler room set an environment with many natural spaces and open-ended learning for children to be motivated in exploring the natural environment with imagination and creativity. It’s about creating space and opportunities where children thrive, where they can wander, explore and navigate their growing perceptions of the world. Vibrant and flexible environments allow for discovery and cater to individual personalities.

Toddlers are active learners and are always on the move. We know that children love to play and be free to explore so we foster this by providing a caring, happy, challenging and stimulating environment. To put it simply, we encourage the children to play, and therefore to learn. This environment has been designed to foster the active toddler and to get them involved in age-appropriate learning that involves, music, dancing, art, and dramatic play just to name a few.

Toddler room kenmore hills early learning
Toddler room kenmore hills early learning

Junior Kindy – independence, socialise, grow

A burst in language development and the opportunity to learn about turn taking and socialising is the main influence in the educational program for our toddlers.

We want to provide opportunities for children to grow and learn at their own pace, to help foster this our Educators develop and implement a program based on each child’s interests as well as what they have observed and/or suggestions from families. The program will focus on encouraging independence, and the development of language, self-expression and fundamental social skills.

Our Educators are about creating inspirational learning spaces for children daily, to help stimulate and encourage children’s learning and involvement with others.

In amongst all the playing and exploring the children will also get an opportunity to relax and rest in their rooms either by having a sleep or playing with some quiet activities to help rejuvenate them for their further exploring in the afternoon.

kindergarten kenmore hills early learning
kindergarten kenmore hills early learning

Kindergarten – milestones, learning, flourish

We see the kindergarten as a big and exciting milestone for children, just as completing Year 6 or Year 12 is. Our goal is to ensure that all children are prepared and confident to take their next step in their learning journey. Our Kindergarten Room delivers the Queensland Government Kindergarten Program, which runs throughout the school year.

Based around the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines the program helps to develop every child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language abilities. In Kindergarten children will flourish with all the unlimited opportunities provided to them, the biggest one being that the children will have the freedom to explore and experiment, with no limitations on their individual learning journey.

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