The Surprising Benefits of Pets in Childcare

There are many surprising benefits of pets in childcare settings. Here at Kenmore Hills Early Learning we encourage children to learn all about Australian Wildlife. Children may experience a variety of benefits from interacting with animals. Children of all ages learn how to care for our resident reptiles, chickens and bird at Kenmore Hills Early Learning. 

Here are some of the surprising benefits of pets in childcare:

Improved Emotional Well-being

Animals have been known to have a calming effect on people, and the same is true for children. Having an animal in a childcare room can help reduce stress and anxiety levels in children. When children interact with animals, they experience a sense of comfort and security, which can help improve their emotional well-being. Children who grow up with pets are also known to have better self-esteem and are more confident.

Enhanced Learning

Animals can also help enhance a child’s learning experience. For instance, children can learn about different animals, their habitats, and their behaviours. This can help improve their vocabulary, as well as their understanding of the world around them. Additionally, animals can teach children about responsibility and care, which are essential life skills.

Improved Socialisation Skills

Animals can help children improve their socialisation skills. For instance, when children interact with animals, they learn how to communicate non-verbally, which can help them understand the importance of body language and tone of voice. Additionally, children can learn about empathy and compassion when caring for animals, which can help improve their relationships with other children and adults.

Increased Physical Activity

Having animals around can also encourage children to be more active. For instance, children can take dogs for walks, or play with cats or rabbits. This can help improve their physical health and fitness, which is essential for their overall well-being.

Want to meet our resident reptiles and birds? Book a tour to visit our centre and check out our famous barnyard.

Our philosophy at Kenmore Hills Early Learning is all about ‘bringing back the wildhood’. You can read more about it here