Written by Jo Fletcher & Kellie Blinco for Astute

Families all across the world are gearing up ready to celebrate their own Halloween tradition whether it be the gory kind, or the fun and friendly spooky version.  Families with children under 5 might be thinking Halloween isn’t for them yet, and for some families this may be true.  But, if you are one of the families looking for spooky and friendly Halloween fun for your under 5’s, then look no further.

Here at Kenmore Hills Early Learning we are hosting a family friendly Halloween Carnival on 31 October 2021. This event will be for the Kenmore Hills community and our families. Let’s have a look at some other ways to celebrate the global fascination of spooky fun with children under five.

  1. It’s time to raid the dress up and craft box.

Decorate yourselves and your house and get the Treats or Tricks ready! Dig through the dress up box and find your costume for some spooky fun.  Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Rummage through the house for craft supplies including old pillow cases, scraps of material, old clothes, paper, scissors, cardboard and more!  Options are endless when it comes to a child under five and their imagination; so let them lead, and see what you can create alongside your crafty children!

  1. It’s dinner time with a Halloween twist!

More often than not Halloween is all about the sugar and not much else apart from the costumes of course! But let’s not forget the other food groups, that can be somewhat healthy and super fun!  Every child loves to cook with their parent or adult carer, so why not try your hand at some of the ideas below for your Halloween dinner with a twist:

  • Frankengreen smoothie
  • Halloween Fangs (gluten free)
  • Halloween Apple Spiders
  • Pumpkin Pancakes (gluten free)

These recipes and more can be found on line, or make your own spooky recipes with ideas and more from:


  1. Friendly and fun; Pumpkin carving & small world play

Carving pumpkins doesn’t have to always mean Jack O’Lanterns, it can be anything you want it to be.  For example, why not try your hand at carving a pumpkin house for your child’s favourite animals or fairies to live in and explore what small world play has to offer? Obviously, carving out the hollow in the pumpkin is an adult job, but let your children be the interior decorators and kit out their ideal house and enjoy the work of small play!

  1. Have fun with Halloween themed games!

It’s time to wear off the sugar high and get active. Involve your children with some Halloween themed games. No need to reinvent the wheel, just rephrase an old favourite and mix it up a little.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Musical chairs are always a favourite- change it to Halloween Freeze and make a spooky pose when the music disappears
  • Keepy Uppy in true Bluey style with a white ghost balloon
  • Ten Pin Bowling turned into Boo Bowling
  • Decorate a pumpkin that becomes ‘Hello Mr Pumpkin’

All these and more can be found on the internet in sites like the link below.  But don’t stop here! Try and make up your own too. Create your own Halloween game that becomes tradition for your family!

https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/59893/halloween-games-for-kids/ .

  1. Halloween Bedtime Story

There are plenty of stories to share with a Halloween theme that aren’t scary and very much loved by children under five everywhere.  One of the favourites in my house is ‘Room on a Broom’. This story is on repeat in my house every Halloween.  Try making up one of your Halloween stories where scary is optional but fun and laughter are a must. Or, try these other suggestions below:

Let your imagination go wild and let your children lead the way.  Live in their shoes for a spooky and friendly Halloween this year!