Free Kindy Essentials: What Parents Should Understand

Free Kindy, starting in 2024, marks a landmark moment in the ever-evolving landscape of early education in Queensland. Let’s explore the essential aspects of the program—how it works, when it begins, who it benefits. In Queensland Kindy refers to the year before children begin formal schooling.

What does ‘Free Kindy’ mean?

This innovative program offers 15 hours of free early education per week, 40 weeks per year creating an accessible and affordable platform for young learners. It’s a way for children to engage in a well-structured curriculum that fosters early development through play-based learning.

Am I eligible for ‘Free Kindy’?

At Kenmore Hills Early Learning, we are proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s kindergarten funding program to deliver our government-approved kindergarten program. In 2024 all eligible-age children can attend our centre for 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per year! Criteria include:

  • For 4 year olds: Children aged at least 4 years of age by 30 June in the year before they attend Prep
  • Attending an approved kindy: A government-approved educational program offering free kindy in sessional or long day care settings.
  • With a qualified Kindy teacher: A kindergarten program delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher.

Born in blue, school is for you.

Born in red, it’s Kindy instead

free kindy calendar guide

Where to Find ‘Free Kindy’ Programs?

Knowing where to find Free Kindergarten programs is key for parents. These programs are available in various settings, including sessional kindergartens and long day care services. You should explore these options to determine what suits their family’s needs best. You may visit Queensland Government website for more information about the program, where you can also access the Free Kindy finder.

Our Kindergarten Programs

The Kindergarten Program at Kenmore Hills Early Learning follows the Kindergarten Guidelines which align with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Both are part of The National Quality Framework under which all approved early learning programs operate. Our Kindergarten Program is taught every day by a degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher (ECT).

The Kindergarten Program aims to specifically enrich children’s learning in the year preceding Prep. Throughout the kindergarten year children’s right to experience the joy of childhood is fundamental and learning is promoted through play, emergent and planned learning experiences and interactions.

You’ll often see our Kindergarten children out and about, exploring on one of our Bush Kindy walks. Not only are Bush Kindy walks a lot of fun, but they provide the opportunity to learn, question and understand the world around us.

As we are a long day care service, children can attend the Kindergarten Program for a minimum of two days up to five days a week.

Learn more about our Kindergarten program here.