Our Kindergarten Program

By Emma Thomas


The world of parenting is a world of choices! What sort of parent will you be, strict, helicopter, free range? What sort of toys will you buy, what about clothes, food? Will you stick to a schedule or go with the flow?

As your child gets older you might feel you’ve finally got into a rhythm, your child is settled at an early learning centre, you have work life balance (most of the time). But the next round of decisions is just around the corner. Where will your child go to school? Where should they attend a Kindergarten Program?

Thankfully we’ve got all the information you need about Kindy and we wanted to share it with you!  

Kindergarten Programs in Queensland are available for children the year before they begin formal schooling. So children who were born from the 1st July 2018-the 30th June 2019 will be eligible to attend Kindy in 2023. The State government is responsible for funding and approving Kindy programs. 


Types of Programs

Children attend a Kindergarten Program either at a stand along Kindy or in the Kindy room in an Early Learning Centre. Both offer similar programs but different options for families. You will need to consider your family situation and the particular learning needs of your child when picking a program. Try to attend any open days or information sessions offered and meet the Kindergarten teacher. 

Kindy is a really special year in your child’s learning and development. Children are encouraged to learn through play and develop the skills they will need to thrive at school and beyond. An excellent Kindergarten program will encourage all aspects of child development while following the interests of each child. 


Kindy at Kenmore

At Kenmore we are proud of the Kindy program we offer! Our Kindy room is open 5 days a week and offers flexible days and hours to cater to every family. We are open through all school holidays!

Our wonderful Kindy teacher plans a thoughtful, play based program which caters to the interests and needs of each child. It focuses on the learning which takes place in the Kindy year, while also setting children up for success at school. We are pleased to offer extra programs like Happy Feet and Billy’s Buddies to further support child development. 

Our Kindy room receives State Government Kindy funding and families are also eligible for their Child Care Subsidy payments which reduce their fees. . 

We love being able to provide meals here at Kenmore! Our children are involved in setting the tables, serving and clearing up – there is so much amazing learning which happens in these routine moments.  

Our animals are a big part of our program. The children are involved in learning about and caring for the animals throughout the centre. 

Having our Kindy program as part of our Early Learning Centre means that children are already comfortable in the environment. The solid relationships that they have already developed with friends and educators will continue throughout their Kindy year. Siblings are also able to attend the same centre, making drop off and pick up easier for families!  

All approved Kindergarten programs must be delivered by a bachelor qualified teacher and use the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. 

 We hope that you will choose Kenmore Early Learning Centre for your child’s Kindergarten year and welcome any further questions that you have!