Senior Kindy 3-4 (Junior)

An emergent curriculum based on children’s interests, engages the three-year old’s curiosity and sense of adventure.
Pre Kindy is the gateway into the Kindergarten program, so at Kenmore Hills it is important for us to ensure that children have the skills they need to succeed when they reach the Kindy room.

With this as the central focus, we work together with families and educators to meet the needs of each child and tailor the spaces around the service to provide exciting and teachable moments.

When children reach Pre Kindy, they are starting to develop social skills such as sharing and being kind to one another. We find that children of this age enjoy being surrounded by friends and thrive off these interactions. To ensure that children can further develop these skills we will always ensure that we role model positive social behaviours with all families, children and educators.

All our learning environments are intentionally designed to promote a variety of play dynamics such as small group interactions, large group interactions as well as providing children with the opportunity to have time to themselves.

Children in Pre Kindy show great interest and enthusiasm for participating in physical play, our environments are designed to foster this interest and enthusiasm and allows endless opportunities for children to explore their gross motor skills and develop their physical abilities further. Although children love to be busy we also bring balance to their day by ensuring there are many opportunities for children to have quiet time and relax, as this is just as important for their developing minds and body. There are areas both outdoors and indoors that provide these quieter experiences.

Our educators understand the importance of having strong relationships will all children to ensure they grow to be strong and confident participants in society. Educators will do this by providing endless time and support to listen to children and support their learning daily.

Children will flourish in Senior Kindy with all the unlimited opportunities provided to them, biggest one being, having the freedom to explore and experiment, with no limitations on their individual learning journey.