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Sarah – Director

We are delighted to introduce Sarah, Director of Kenmore Hills Early Learning. Sarah has completed a Bachelor of Education and a Certificate in Children’s Services. She has been an early childhood teacher for over 14 years and, during this time, has gained extensive experience in both early intervention and kindergarten transition programs. Sarah is also a specialist creative arts teacher, including visual and media arts, dance and drama. We believe that her qualifications and experience in early childhood together with her skills in teaching creative arts will ensure children are provided with an exceptional education and care program.

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For the past 9 months, Sarah has travelled Australia in a caravan with her husband and their three young children. During this time, she provided home schooling to her children, using every opportunity to enhance their learning through real world experiences and to rediscover the joy of learning through play. She plans to bring the dimensions of freedom, real-life and unhurried learning to the educational program at Kenmore Hills Early Learning.

Sarah’s vision is to engender a passion for learning in children that remains with them throughout their lives. She believes that this is best achieved: when parents and educators work in partnership; the program is child-centerd and play-based; and, children are respected and encouraged.


Hi my name is Kellie Blinco and I am the Educational Leader/Assistant Director here at Kenmore Hills Early Learning where we work by the philosophy of ‘Keeping Childcare Simple Through the Eyes of the Children’.

I have been working with children for the past 20 years in various sectors across our wonderful industry embedding a culture that nurtures and encourages our children to explore and discover as they learn through play. As your child’s Educational Leader I will endeavour to do my very best in supporting their individual needs, as well as the needs of your family, in order for you both to feel a sense of belonging through being and becoming who they truly wish to be.


Everyone my name is Tamara and I am the Kindergarten Teacher here at Kenmore Hills Early Learning Centre. I have been in the Early Childhood Education industry for 15 years. I teach in an environment where children can be themselves, free, creative, playful and able to use the environment as their third teacher.

I strive to provide a safe, comfortable, stimulating, fun and educational environment with a structured day plan. Activities will include free playtime, structured playtime, storytime, art and craft, music, dance, nature and ecology awareness, cultural and other educational yet fun and meaningful activities to empower our future leaders.

I believe in providing a high-quality rich environment that offers children and their families a home away from home.


Hi, my name is Rosa and I have been working with children since 1992. I am married and have two adult sons. I have a Diploma in Child Services, and I am the Lead Educator in the toddler’s room.

Working with children is fulfilling and rewarding. Supporting families at this stage in life is essential.

I have a background in Psychology which always helps me with child’s development and recognising children’s emotional needs. I believe that early years emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become.

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That is why I have the understanding and appreciation of the need to invest in very young children. I have been working with various age groups and I always find that it is fascinating to get into their world to support the develop. I believe there is in the child a special kind of sensitivity which leads to absorb everything and it is this work of observing and absorbing that alone enables the child to adapt to life.I believe that the children should nurture in a warm and positive environment where they can feel secure and loved. I would like to bring this with me to the children in my care.

I have 3 brothers and I was always up for the rough games around them. The best and happiest memories for me as a young girl were when we use to go camping. The fresh air, the water, the rivers, the soil and the sun. I remember having lots of fun around the family and friends playing with mud getting very dirty. So the philosophy of bringing back the Wildhood reminds me of all the fun I had growing up.


Hi, my name is Sapana. I am the lead educator in our Junior Kindy Room. I have a certificate III, and I am a diploma graduate in early childhood education.

I had always been very fond of children, which intrigued me to pick this profession.

Working with children provides me positiveness and engagement in my personal life as well as my professional life.

I tend to search for something creative and new for my children to learn every day, and in return I learn as well. Working with Kenmore Hills early learning centre has given me opportunities to extend my scope of practice and made me stand better, professionally.


Hello, my name is Amy Jones and I have been in the childcare industry for approximately 6 years. I first began my childcare career as an assistant and worked my way up to lead educator, then to a centre director. Being a mum, and the love I have for children and their families, makes me very passionate about my job.

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As a childcare educator I believe that all children are unique and develop and learn from each other. I also believe that all children and their families need to feel safe, secure and loved. I promise to ensure that all children and their families feel safe, nurtured and respected.

As the lead educator, I believe that it is very important to build strong and lasting relationships with all families so we can work together to promote a greater learning environment for children to learn, grow and develop.

I encourage all families to provide me with any input into their children’s learning and development, together with any likes and dislikes, which will assist me in building that ever-growing shared bond.

I am a big believer in, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. Together we will persist, so they learn to be patient and build their confidence.

I am looking forward to working with current and new families that enter Kenmore Hills Early Learning, most of all, I promise your children will have fun and flourish.

Nixx – Kenmore Hills Chef

Hey, my name is Nikola, but my preferred name is Nixx.

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My background is Fijian, French and I grew up in New Zealand. I have two sons Valance and Kobe Foxx; Valance is 9 and Kobe Foxx is 7.

My passion of cooking started from my grandfather who was a chef. I always watch him cook in family gathering and function. I always love helping him around the kitchen. From then onwards I love cooking. I come from a very sporting family. I enjoy helping and teaching kids as I was a soccer coach for the under 7’s and under 9’s Soccer Club.

I represented my country in the world cup qualify in soccer. I moved to Melbourne 17 years ago carrying on my Soccer Career and landing myself a job that I love, which is cooking.

I worked at the Hilton Hotel for 7 years where my recipes, meals and services were well appreciated. I would consider it a privilege to have worked in a reputable establishment such as the Hilton hotel. I am looking forward to working in Kenmore Hills. I am excited for this new challenge in my career.

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