Nursery 6 weeks – 12/18 months

Our team in the nursery understand it is essential for providing a comfortable and appropriate space for young children, planning our environments that embrace and support our young children as learners.
Our Educators know it is vital for children to feel safe secure and develop as confident learners. This is having clear communication with parents and understanding each child’s individual needs.

Our environments offer comfortable places for children and parents to share experiences, talk and reflect. Where mums can feel welcome and relaxed to feed her baby.

We offer play opportunities that take into account children’s diverse experiences and the educator will play an important role in building up a relationship of trust and understanding.

Children feel secure when things around them are constant. It is important that the basic layout of provision remains the same over time. Children will develop a sense of belonging as they become familiar with routines and provided opportunities.

Within our secure, well-planned and monitored environment, we are able to provide opportunities for challenge so that children learn about limits of their capabilities and how to make informed assessments of risk and an environment for bring back the wild hood