Our Team

Our team are experienced, passionate and focused on giving your child the best possible start in life!

Led by our highly talented team of educators, our core belief is that managing relationships effectively is the key to a successful childcare business.

Happy staff make for happier children and happy children means happier parents, so this makes childcare easy and rewarding for everyone.


Meet Mellissa - Our Director 

I have worked in a range of positions throughout my career, but there is nothing more satisfying to me; then that moment when a child looks at you with overwhelming joy as they achieve their goal and the happiness on their little faces is what it’s all about.

My philosophy is simple:

Remember when you were young and spent your days outdoors, where you had the freedom to wander and explore?


Children need the freedom to be able to make their own choices and our job as Educators is to help them foster this. I am a big believer in promoting children’s agency and developing those ever-important life skills.

We understand what parents and children want to see at their childcare. With a strong focus on real play, our unique approach finds the balance between education, care, play and wildwood.


Children have the right to make their own choices and decisions, they need to be able to explore their world through their eyes not ours, to ask as many questions as needed until they have the answer they are looking for, to have the confidence to express ideas and to learn from their mistakes.

As adults we tend to forget at times that children are capable of initiating their own learning and we are only there to support them along the way, remembering that we are in the children’s learning space, not the other way around.

The way the centre is designed will provide opportunities throughout the whole day where children will learn as they discover, create, improvise, test theories and imagine through all play spaces.

I look forward to what lies ahead and I hope you are too.